Pre-Workshop Materials

We live in a time of rapid change: the digital transformation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the nature of how we live and work. The workforce of the future will require new skills in order to be successful and make meaningful impact in an altered world.

In a world that relies more on automation, skills that are inherently human will be the most valuable. To be prepared for the future of work you will need to learn continuously and embrace 21st century skills like collaboration, empathy, and emotional intelligence. Leadership against the backdrop of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will also require attention to inclusion, sustainability, and equity.  It will require a Futures Thinking mindset.

Our conference is designed to address all of this head-on.


You will learn and hear from leading experts about trends and topics in the

Fourth Industrial Revolution.


You will be trained in new digital tools for virtual collaboration (such as MURAL) and

put them into practice.


You will collaborate in teams to address the biggest disruptors of our time.


You will practice Futures Thinking and learn about how others are putting this 

to practice in government and civil society.


You will engage in immersive skills-building workshops that will

build your own skills for the future of work.

To prepare, we’re providing these resources for you to explore before the workshop. Gain a solid foundation in the key themes and ideas and come ready to dive in. We expect this to take a couple of hours over the next two weeks and count toward the 36 hours required to successfully complete the workshop requirements:

Fourth Industrial Revolution



World Economic Forum: The Fourth Industrial Revolution











World Economic Forum: The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means, how to respond

Forbes: The 4th Industrial Revolution is Here – Are you ready?

Deloitte: “What is digital economy?, Unicorns, transformation and the internet of things”


Institute for the Future and Dell Technologies: Future of Work, a new report

“The report explores how emerging technologies could reshape the work environment
over the next decade and identifies four technologies that will combine to form human-machine partnerships that could lead to an inclusive and rewarding work environment in 2030. But these emerging technologies are just part of the picture. They will also intersect with social and economic forces to create new tensions and challenges.”

The Future Workforce



World Economic Forum: How are the Forum and partners advancing prosperous, inclusive, equitable economies and societies?  












Focus/Korn Ferry: Why The Future of Work is Human in Asia-Pacific


Home - FutureWork Forum

The FutureWork Forum is devoted to exploring the working world of tomorrow.

We do that by using the skills, experience and inventiveness of our partners – calling on them as necessary to assist in our own projects and the needs of our public and private client base. The broad range of talent assembled in our partnership ensures that we can respond to practically any request that concerns the future of work at anytime and anywhere around the globe. More than that, the contacts and relationships that the FutureWork Forum partners bring to the organization means that we can call on hundreds of other experts to solve problems and meet opportunities.


Read or Listen:

FutureWork Forum: “The Working World of 2030 – A Better Place”  

FutureWork Forum: “Sustainability = Purpose + Prosperity + Innovation”



Adaptability and the Future of Work: Seeing The Invisible AQ















Diana Wu David/Future Proof Labs: The Importance of Adaptability in Growing Your Career

Diana Wu David/Future Proof Labs: What Does Future Proof Success Look Like?


APEC: Covid-19 Altered the Future of Work



Humans and Technology



Deloitte’s: Human Capital




Harvard Business Review: Digital Transformation Is About Talent, Not Technology


Harvard Business Review: Building a Culture That Embraces Data and AI




Deloitte: Leadership Styles of the Future


Harvard Business Review: How to Play to Your Strengths





LinkedIn Economic Graph

“A digital representation of the global economy”

The Economic Graph is a digital representation of the global economy based on over 690 million members, 36,000 skills, 50 million companies, 11 million open jobs, and 90,000 schools. In short: it’s all the data on LinkedIn. Through mapping every member, company, job, and school, we’re able to spot trends like talent migration, hiring rates, and in-demand skills by region. These insights help us connect people to economic opportunity in new ways. And by partnering with governments and organizations around the world, we help them better connect people to opportunities.






Navigate to the Future of Work tab and read about “key themes shaping our future”


Explore the Workforce Data tab


Read about ideas in the Blog tab




World Economic Forum: Shaping the Future of the New Economy and Society



World Economic Forum: Preparing for the Future of Work

Foresight and Futures Thinking



Asian Development Bank: Futures Thinking and Foresight in the Asia Pacific















Government Insider: So How Do Governments Build Futures Thinking?




From Institute of the Future: “In a world of rapid change, foresight is a core competency that empowers leaders to ask better questions, generate richer insights, and craft tangible actions to create change. Future-ready organizations are more resilient, less likely to encounter blind spots. Strategic foresight is a key capacity especially as we face a future that’s changing every week - sometimes even on a daily basis. While we can’t predict the future, we can learn systems for taking unavoidable uncertainty and turning it into inspiration, motivation for strategic action, and increased resilience for our organizations and communities. It is urgent that leaders be future-literate and consider multiple possible futures- including aspirational futures.”



Optional Further reading:

Institute for the Future:

People + Technology Resource Library

Health + Self Resource Library



APEC Policy Paper: Covid-19, 4IR and the Future of Work

APEC Policy Paper: Women, Covid-19 and the Future of Work in APEC


Upskilling resources:

My Working Title: “Be Inspired” Career Strategy

Google Digital Garage: Discover a range of free learning content designed to help your business or in your career. You can learn by selecting individual modules, or dive right in and take an entire course end-to-end.